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malayalam sex stories | aswin4fun

malayalam sex stories
Ente Devu
kajal agarwal queen magadheeraaa
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enik pettannu vikaram vannu.kunna melle ponthi..njan oru maya lokathay...avalude t-shrt njan melle thadaki..mula ude bagam njan thottilla..pettannu aval
ente kay pidich avalude mula ude mukalil vechu..avalude gap njan kandu..oh kozhuth thudicha rand mulakal...pinne aval roomil kond poy vathiladachu ennit ennod paranju ne enne enthu venamenkilum cheytho...avale melle bedil kidathi..njan melle ente kay t-shirtinte ullilek kond poy..njan melle avalude mulayl thottu ..aval vikarithayay...njan melle avalude t-shrt oori..karutha bra njan melle pavadaum oori velutha shaddy..oh ente kunna kambi pole yay...avalude pokkil kure neram njan nokki..oh sundram..njan avalume chuvanna chundukale kadichu...kure neram chappi...pinne njan melle avalude bra oori...njan njettipoy kozhutha mula,nippil thurich nil kunnu njan avalude nippil kaykond thottu .aval vikaram kond alari...njan poorna naknanay..avalude mula oomban thudangi..chuvanna nippil enne haram kollichu njan avalute deham muzhuvan nakki...njan oru karutha thunikond avalude kannukal marachu..njan avlude shaddy oori ..avalude pooril njan kay kondilakki..aval nilavilichu..aaahh..a
njan ente kunna avalude mulayude edgayl

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