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Bengali Story Of Fucking Mom & Aunty |

Bengali Story Of Fucking Mom & Aunty
Hi friends I am going to tell the story of a hot unsatisfied bengali aunty. My name is Sunil and I have dreamt of fucking one auntywho is the mom of my friend. Her name is Anita aunty. Her son lives in another city and husband isbusy with his business and so it was not a problem to seduce her and fuck her. She is a Bengali woman who was very unsatisfied (she told me this later). She had big mai (boobs) and a big nice pond (gand / ass). WhenI was around she used to bevery casual about her dressso that I had seen her boobs peeking out of her blouse many times.
One day I made a plan to seduce her and went to herhouse when she was alone. She was watching tv and her saree pallu was not on her blouse. When I went there she put her pallu back but as we talked her pallu again fell from her blouse and I could see her boobs peeking out as her blouse was a low cut one and sleeveless. She raised her arms to tie her hair in a bun and I saw the lovely sight of her unshaven armpits. Bengali women almost never shave their armpits or pussies and hair is a prized possession in Bengal. I was very aroused but cooled myself for the real game.
As per my plan I gave her the impression that I was very depressed. She asked me repeatedly why I was so depressed. She said that “come on you are like my son only you can tell me anything that is depressing you.” I said “but it is very personal and I have never talked about these things with anyone”. She said, “Ok tell me, and don’t be embarrassed. I can help you if you tell me what is bothering you.” As per my plan I let her coax me some more and then I said, “it has to do with sex. Can I still say that what is bothering me?” she said, “don’t be ashamed and tell me.” Then I told her a storythat my girlfriend had askedme to have sex with her and then when we started to do it my nunu (dick) won’t get erect and she said that I have a very small nunu. Then she broke up with me. I said that I wasworried if my nunu was really small. Aunty heard meout and understood my problem.
Aunty: amake bol tora ki ki korechilis?
I: first she amake nangto (undressed) kore dilo ar amar nunu ta niye khelte laglo tarpor she nijer salwarkamiz khule nangto hoye gelo. Amar nunu takhon ekdom mane excited hole jerokom hoe sherom hoe gelo.
Aunty: mane tor nunu shokto hoe gelo to? Tarpor?
I hain amar nunu shokto hoegelo. Tarpor she amar nunu take mukhe niye chuste laglo takhon to amar khub excited feel hochhe aar nunu theke raush bar hochhe. Ebar o shue porlo aar amar shokto nunu take hate dhore nijer bag theke ekta condom ber kore amar nunu te poriye diye amar nunu ta dhore meder jekhane nunu ta dhoke shekhane niye giye dhukiye dilo. Takhon e amar nunu taaste aste choto hoe gelo. She tried many times but could not get it erect and she got frustrated and toldme that I had a small nunu which was of no use.
Aunty : tor nunu ta shokto hoechilo to? Ota theke raush beriechilo to?
I : yes. Aar ekhon je aami tomar shathe katha bolchi amar ota theke raush ber hochhe aar ota shokto hoe aache. (saying this I stood before her and showed her the immense bulge that wasthere in my pants).
Aunty: acchha amake bol to tui ki nijer hath diye tor nunu nie khela korish?
I : hathe nie khela bolte ki bolte chaicho kakima?
Aunty: mane hathe nunu ta dhore otake shokto kore nie otar chamra ta agge pichhone kore kore ota theke malai ber korish ki?
I: Haan she to aami to hate nie nijer ta theke roj dine du bar kor malai ber kori. Takhon to kono problem hoena. amar to khoob malai beroe.
Aunty: malai bar korte kamon lage? Bhalo lage?
I : hain. Aar malai bar korar somoy daroon lage aar amarthole take hate dhore niye kori khoob anando hoe.
She called me near and said: lajja pash na ektu haath dite de.
I pretended as if I was feeling shy and put my hands in front of my pants.
Aunty smiled and said, “ Arey amake hathe nie na dekhte dile ami bujhbo ki koretor jinish gulo thik thakacche kina. Saying this she forcibly removed my hands and put her hand on my bulge and started feeling it.She first pressed the base of my cock and moved upwards to the tip. She did this a few times.
Aunty continued: besh shokto mone holo taube na dekhle bujhte parbo na. amake ekbar dekhte de ota tahole bolte parbo otar sizethik ache kina. Taube ekta jinish otar size khub beshi matter kore na. amar husband er ta to choto tao to ami aaram payee. Taube amar cheler ta better.
I : tumi ki tomar cheler nunudekhecho?
Aunty : Onek bar dekhechi. Ami to ma ami to dekhboi amar shamne abar kisher lajja. Tui amake ektu dekha tor nunu ta. Pant ta khol aar ota bar kor to.
Saying this she closed the door and windows of the room and said, “ nao shona langto hoe jao aar amake tomar jinish gulo dekhao”.
Pretending reluctance I slowly threw away my shirt,baniyan and then the pants.Now I was in only my underwear.
Aunty : nao taratari langto ho, jangia ta naba.
I then slowly shed my underwear and was fully naked in front of her. My dick was down due to some tension. Aunty feasted her eyes on my dense forest and pulled me near.
Aunty: oh ! tor okhanta to khoob shundor aar tui eto lajja pachhis. Aar shon etake nunu na bole bolbi bara ba leora ar tar niche ei jo thole eta hocchhe tor bichi.
Ei bole kakima amar shamne akta stool niye boshlo aar amar bara take aste kore hate niye otar matha thekeforeskin ta tene dhore nabiye dilo. Aami excitemente thrilled hoe gelam. Kakima hate niye amar bara take dekhta laglo. Ebar chot korekakima amar leora ta du hather bhetor nie aste asterograte laglo. Ami excitement e ahhhhh……ooohhhhh korte laglam.
Kakima bollo, “ oof aaj khoob garam weather gaye sharee rakha jachhe na.”
Ei bole kakima amar dike pichhon phire nijer sharee ta khulte laglo. Aami dekhi pashe bed er opor onar ekta bra rakha roeche. Aamishetake hate niye dekhi otar size 42. aami kakima kejigesh korlam kakima eta kisher jonno pore meyera? Kakima sharee ta khule rekhe amar dike takalo aar bollo oma tui amar bra niye ki korchis. Ota meyera pore nijeder mai der support er jonne nahole mai ra jhule jae aar ota porle mai gulo besh tight thake.
Ami jigesh korlam, “Kintu kakima tomar bra ta eto boro keno?”
Kakima henshe bollo, “Arey baba amar mai gulo khoob boro boro tai amar bra gulokhoob boro hoe? Ar tui ki kore bolli je amar bra ta boro, tar mane tui ki aro onno karur bra dekhechis?”
I : hain ami to amar mar bradekhechi. Aro onek kichu dekhechi.
Ebar aami kakima ke dekhi tar blouse theke tar mai gulo besh beriye aache. Amar bara to ekdom shokto.Kakima dekhe khoob khushi.
Aunty : babba ekdom dariye poreche dekhchi.
Ebar kakima ota hate niye aste kore ragrate lage aar amar pre cum berote lage. Kakima jigesh korlo “ last kobe hat diye bar korechis malai?
I : kaal ke. Kintu sheta bhalokore hoe ni.
Kakima taratari ekta measuring tape niye eshe amar bara take measure korlo aar bollo baap re tor ta to 7 inch lamba. Khoob bhalo. Khoob anando kora jabe tor bara diye. Aami kato din hoe gelo erkhom ekta bara dekhi ni. Amar cheler ta to aaro baro ar kalo ar khoob mota. Tor kakur bara choto 5 inch kintu bhalo, aage jakhon amake chudto takhon bhalo lagto kintu ekhon to aar or bara aar shokto hoe na. tai amake amar cheler bara diye sukh korte hoe.
Aami jigesh korlam “ kakima choda ta ki jinish?”
Kakima laughed and said “ choda mane hoche tor bara ta jakhon amar phutote dukhbe takhon shetake choda bole aar aamke to amar chelei last 10 years dhore aaram dichhe. Aar o to shob somoy amar bhetor mane amar phuto jetake gud bole shetate maal phelbe. Maal mane malai bujhecho shona. Nao aar katha noe amar mone hoe toke ekbar practical kore dekhale bojha jabe tor barate koto jor. Tar aage ami blouse ta khuli.”
Taratari kakima nijer blouseta khule phele die amar diketakie hanshlo ar amar mukher samne nijer bra te bhora mai gulo ke jore jore char paanch bar jhankalo (shake korlo). Kakimar mai er duluni dekkhe amar condition khoob tight hoe gelo. Kakima ebar shudhu nijer bra ar shaya pore amar shamne darie bollo, “Chal baba amra ebar bichanae gie ja korar kori.”
Amra bichanae shue porte kakima bollo, “Aage bol to tui tor make kirom dekhechis amar moto shudhubra te dekhechis? Amake shob bol lojja na peye. Tokeami onek kichu shekhabo.”
Ami start korlam, “ami jakhon choto chilam takhon onek baar ma ar baba ke sex korte dekhechi. Majhe majhe amar shamnei baba mar blouse er bhetor hath dhukiye dito ar mar mai gulotipte lagto. Ma takhon booktheke saree anchol ta shoriye dito ar amar shamnei baba blouse er bhetor hath diye mar mai gulo jore jore tipche dekhtam. Kokhono abar ma blouse er hook khule dito aror bra pora condition e ami make dekhtam ar baba bra er opor theke mai tipto. Kokhono dekhechi je baba mar shayar bhetore hath dhukiye diye make aram dicche. Ekbar amra boshe achi suddenly ma uthe onno room e chole gelo, ektu por baba o uthe shekhane gelo. Ami ektu por shekhane giye lukiye lukiye dekhi je ma saree khule dariye ar blouseer hook gulo puro khola jekhan theke mar mai gulo puro langto hoe royeche ar ma nijer mai nie khelche, tipche ar mai er bonta gulo shokto hoe dariye roeche. Ar baba dekhi niche mar shaya ta komor obdi tule diyeche ar mar puro gud langto hoe roeche ar maar shekhane baal bhorti ar baba shekhane nijer mukh diye maar gud chuse choleche ar ma iiiisssss aaaaahhhhhh korche.”
Ami dekhi je kakima amar galpo shunte shunte nijer shayar bhetore hath dhukiye diyeche aar jore jore hath narche. Ami bujhlam je kakima nijer gudeangli korche. Ami kakima ke bollam, “kakima nijer angul gulo betha korcho keno tomar ei chele thakte she kaaj to ami kore dite pari.”
Ae bole ami jhut kore nijer hath kakimar shayar bhetordhukiye diye or gud take niye aste kore narte laglam.Or gude daruun ghono jongol chilo. Ami aste kore or jongole hath buliye tarpor or gud ta khunjte laglam. Kakima shayar bhetor amar hath ta dhore nijer gude lagiye dilo ar amar bara take chepe dhorlo nijer hathe. Ami aste aste or gude angul dhukiye diye narte laglam. Du minutepor ami bollam kakima ami dekho langto hoe roechi ar tumi ekhono bra ar shaya pore.
Kakima bollo, “na shona ami tor maer shoman ami tor shamne ki kore langto hoe bol to?”
Ami, “keno kakima ami to amar ma keo langto dekhechi ar ta chara tumi to nijer e chele ke diye chodayo tahole amar shamne abar lojja kisher. Artomake jodi langto dekhi tomar shorir er aro bhalo kore sheba korte parbo. Tomar mai der ador kore chuste parbo. Tomar gud take nie khelte parbo.”
Ae bole ami kakimar bra ta dhore tanlam ar bra er cup theke or mai gulo beriye porlo. Kakima henshe bollo, madachod hote chas jokhon tui ami to chelechod acchi already. Ne amake langto kore diye amar shorir bhog kor tui.
Ami shune lafiye uthe or brata tene or book theke khulephele diye or shaya ta khuleoke puro langto kore dilam. Oof she ki shundor ekta langto gorom shorir amar shamne. Kakimar gud bhorti ghano kalo baal ar tar bhetor theke or laal guder chera berie acche ar or guder chul bhije roeche. Or mai gulo bishal bishal lau er moto ar tar opor kalo kalo nipple gulo shokto hoe cheye roeche.
I: ki kakima nijer cheler laura take khabe bhebe tomar to gud theke rosh beriye puro baal bhije gachetomar. Tomar gud to marbo tar agge ektu amar lauda ta chuse dao tahole I to aromoja ashbe.
Aunty: arey shona chele amar de baba de tor lauda ta de amar mukhe , amar mukher opor bosh emon kore jate tor lauda ta thik amar mukhe thake ar tor bichi gulo niye ami hath diyerograte pari.
Ami taratari kakimar buker opor uthe ashlam ar amar lauda ta kakimar mukher kache niye gelam. Kakima eto gorom chilo je amar lauda ta mukher ...
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