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(¯`·._.•_«G'BUK | bonx

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Please sign me g'buk! KEEP IT CLEAN!!!!!!

Seems to me like I have a squatter here since 2012 lol. . . I have restocked (was typing restocked and testicles came up. Darn autocorrect thingy >B^| . . .) the cupboards so you shall not have to live off of bugs and plants. I have turned on the auto function so shelves will restock when running low. . . Bears? What bears? . . . Them squirrels? Yes squirrels :) . . . *wonders if I should be charging rent* :)
*dusts off the squirrels whilst I'm here..* :) :) :)
24.02.2016 11:07 EST, Gem
You can borrow it :) and yes, I certainly have. I sound like Mickey Mouse hahaha :D
24.02.2016 11:07 EST, Gem
Too lazy to go ninja school :D Me thinks i need to borrow your pump. . Have you ever suckes helium filled balloon? :)
24.02.2016 10:51 EST, Th!nk!ng 0f Y0u @lw@y$
You need to go back to ninja school :p you're very welcome! I can't blow them either. I have a pump :D
13.02.2016 08:09 EST, Gem
Darn it! I like to be incognito :( Made one little edit and now the whole world knows about it lol. . . Thanks for the balloons :) *whispers I cannot blow a balloon or even gum* :/
13.02.2016 07:53 EST, Th!nk!ng 0f Y0u @lw@y$
balloons** my spelling is getting as bad as my eyesight haha ;D
12.02.2016 23:52 EST, Gem
AlSo, you're in just modified! Hooray! :D *releases party baloons*
12.02.2016 23:50 EST, Gem
OMG LOL. Thank you for restocking the cupboards :))) hopefully there's no testicles in them :o oh yes they're squirrels. Very very BIG squirrels. My eye sight isn't what it used to be lol. Re: rent, can I pay in Milka? ;)
12.02.2016 23:49 EST, Gem
And there's grizzly bears too! They bite! :///
20.01.2016 20:43 EST, Gem
I have a confession to make..... I've been living in this guestbook since Easter 2012 HA HA HA.....I've had to live off bugs and plants! it's a lonely wilderness here :(
20.01.2016 20:42 EST, Gem
Nearly a year since I last wrote here :D just passing through, really. I'll bring Milka next time :D
21.09.2015 12:47 EDT, Gem
Happy Halloween Bonx! What are you being this year? I'm being my imaginary friend :D I hope you're back soon, because I think I just saw a ghost on one of your sites o_O hope you're doing good <3
31.10.2014 15:13 EDT, Gem
*looks at clock* ..still not working...aaaargh!!! ..what is this "thing" you can't show? :o *wonders* hmm...might have to wait till pep gets pm back :D *goes crazy in the meantime* ... :)
26.10.2012 18:04 EDT, Gem
*scribbles in pink glittery pen* I HATE PEP! lol..silly people can't even keep the pm's working :/ oh well. la di da... *blows bubbles* o O 0 ° O ° o
26.10.2012 16:19 EDT, Gem
Happy Easter Bonx!! :)
06.04.2012 13:51 EDT, Gem
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30.04.2011 20:52 EDT, ~¤/VìtΣtìV\¤~
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