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Vaibhav vs XPAC {ENDED} | cyber-wwe

Vaibhav vs XPAC {ENDED}
is - Newest pictures
REF- Vaibhav see cyber wrestling world u win some matches and loose some this was a match u lost. U gave excellent comments Vaibhav but still XPAC is the winner of this match but no tension this wasnt a title match vaibhav.
This is a Raw rematch from Unforgiven ppv

Vaibhav vs XPAC

Normal match
Ok slam and am still on my feet as i give u a sideslam then i wait for u to move and when u did i kick ur head like a football
25.12.2011 08:09 EST, Willow the Whisp
Welcome to pain school i picked up to broken body and locked in the abdominal strech applying more pressured on the back then slammed read with gut wrench powerslam and went top rope to hit a flying knee drop to his injured back then after u fade up i locked in the figure four leg block n keep the pressure on u r crying ur ldg out then i hit the blood lime slammed followed by the vaibhav wisper n then as u get up hit the broken code n bang ur down with it i signaled n hit the gut buster n u go past the ropes n hit u with the attitude adjustment n finished
25.12.2011 08:02 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
So as i wait for u to stand up the crowd was chant X! XX! XXX! XYZ!! And when u get up i conect my finisher the RAVEN EFFECT AND X-FACTOR oh your ankle as u could not stand so i SET THE COBRA CLUTCH and hit ur throat and 1....2..............3 *bell rings*
25.12.2011 08:00 EST, Willow the Whisp
dodged ur dream street by moving from there as youre leg hanging ropes i punched ur mid section n execute rope assisted d.d.t. followed by diving elbow drop from top this was tribute for randy savage. then i picked u up and i hit impact d.d.t. and then i showed you to buckle and gave MISTER VAIBHAV SLAM
25.12.2011 07:57 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Did u say piledrive cos i shake myself out and reverse it into a STYLES CLASH and to make sure u don't wake up i go for the SOMERSAULT LEG DROP
25.12.2011 07:55 EST, Willow the Whisp
sorry for that same moves it is my network problem but game is continue
25.12.2011 07:54 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Oops! I set my knee and u got injured so as u get u i hurriedly lock the DREAM STREET and tala am the winner
25.12.2011 07:53 EST, Willow the Whisp
hehe you almost succeses to hit me misile drop kick but i am move that way and I immidietly superkick on back of the head after executed him in akrof pile driver i then go at top and gave death flip i locked joys in edgecutter this is now hell from him
25.12.2011 07:52 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Is trying to get away from me and got massive boot and nailed with BROUGE KICKED then i gave him r.k.n.d. i then quickly start dragged him and bring xpac near the corner as i went to hit starship pain which has been connected
25.12.2011 07:50 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I stand up fully well and climbed the top rope and deliver a missle drop kick to the throat and when u tried to get up i put u down with a Shining wizard
25.12.2011 07:48 EST, Willow the Whisp
Stunner? That can take me down cos i countered it into a KILL SWITCH. And when u about to wake up i HIT U WITH THE AXE KICK
25.12.2011 07:45 EST, Willow the Whisp
hehe i blocked ur thuggamonic by pushin you towards rope when you rebond again i jumped on u with these press and unloads left and right feel power after it xpac wakes up slowly and knocked by me with k.o. punch me to his cheeks now let me finish this i hit face buster then climbed at top and connected SHOOTING STAR
25.12.2011 07:42 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
You just angered me as i go for a head lock and u push me to the rope then i come with some shoulder blocks then a powerbuster and i signal the U CAN'T SEE ME and hit the 5 knuckle shuffle then i go for the THUGGAMONIC
25.12.2011 07:38 EST, Willow the Whisp
when you tried boom drop i quickly hit u kat slam which connected then i signaled my finisher touch and waited for xpac to get up when he's up i gave him atomic 9:15 stunner for victory
25.12.2011 07:33 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Mic check and since u are out i go for a SUNSET FLIP and while u are standing up a zig zag to pin u down
25.12.2011 07:33 EST, Willow the Whisp
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