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Incarnated Angels | earth-angels

Incarnated Angels
Incarnated Angels tend to:
Have sweet, heart shaped faces;
"look" like angels (whether male or female);
have Cupid-bow lips and large doe-like eyes that radiate innocence and love;
have overeating or weight issues;
be a fixed astrological sun sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius;
Be professional helpers, such as teachers, flight attendants, nurses, and counselors;
Lighten or highlight their hair (no matter what their genetic race is);
Have difficulty saying no and feel guilty when others help them;
Love Angels; and have collections of Angel statues, books, jewelry, etc.;
Have extra guardian angels;
Seem to glow, with a huge aura around them;
Fall in love with someone's potential and try to coach that person to greatness;
Have co-dependent relationships with addicts and alcoholics; and
Stay in relationships much longer than the average person would.

Many Incarnated Angels struggle with health challenges, especially chronic fatigue syndrome and gynecological problems. They often have friends and lovers who mask their potential with addictions. The Incarnated Angel takes on these relationships as an "assignment," trying to help the person overcome their self-doubts and focus upon their strengths and talents. Unfortunately, this often leads to frustrating relationships for both parties. The Incarnated Angel feels thwarted by trying to heal and fix their
partner. And the partner wonders "Why are you trying to change me?" Many Incarnated Angels fantasize that if they did enough for their partner, or gave their partner enough love, that person would finally heal. This is fine as long as that person believes that a need to heal exists-and is ready to heal. The Incarnated Angel is much more people oriented and more likely to work in a large corporation, compared to the other types of Earth Angels. It seems that the reason so many Incarnated Angels are
overweight is not due to overeating, but because they're energetically shielding themselves with fat. Because Incarnated Angels are physically attractive and have big, loving hearts, they rarely have difficulty attracting romantic partners or friends. Their difficulty is in finding fulfilling relationships, however, Incarnated Angels often see their romantic partners and their friends as potential clients whom they can help and teach. In friendships, they often play the role of counselor. For example,
Incarnated Angels may find themselves listening to their friend's problems for hours. When they try to talk about their own problems, the friends suddenly end the conversation. This is another instance where the Incarnated Angels' lives are unbalanced as far as giving and receiving. Most Incarnated Angels are born under a fixed astrological sun sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. An Incarnated Angel's eyes are filled with wide-eyed compassion and love.

If you're an Incarnated Angel, you'll have a more peaceful and prosperous time on Earth if you remember to do the following:
Shield yourself with energy and light, especially before helping someone. This will reduce your need to overeat in order to protect yourself with a layer of extra body weight.
Wait before saying yes. Instead of automatically agreeing to every request for help, give yourself time to meditate, and think about whether it's something that truly is part of your mission and your heart's desire. When people ask something of you, tell them, "Let me think about it," or "I'll get back to you on this." These individuals will respect the fact that you're taking care of yourself.
Engage in cardiovascular exercise. This helps in stress and weight management and is important for Incarnated Angels' healthy hearts.
Balance your giving and receiving quotas. Be sure to give yourself treats regularly.
Drop any rules that restrict your mission. Notice whether you have personal "rules" you follow without question, such as, "I better not get too successful, or people will be jealous of me and feel pain from this jealousy." Question rules by asking, "Is this rule working for my mission or against it?"
Delegate. Ask for help without apologizing.
Accept good graciously. Allow people to give you assistance, presents, and compliments.
Play. Allow your inner child plenty of time to be silly, free, and creative.

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