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About peperonity | helpline.pep

About peperonity
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Peperonity is the first largest and most growing community for cell phone/mobile wap site. Here you can publish your personal profile, can show your thinking to worlds people, will meet people from all over the world.
join this community and be proud member of

Peperonity is one of the CMS mobi (managers for mobile contents) with one of the largest numbers of sites developed for the free mobile web with almost of created wap sites.. And is admob's largest publisher.

peperonity is one of the few pure mobile plays in social networking. New users can registrer on the mobile site, although both a phone number and an email address are required.

peperonity is a place where you can create your personal wap sites for others to view around the world.

join peperonity the world s largest mobile
Site building service for FREE create your own site and get in touch with people from all over the planet.
The website is hosted on server that locates in Hagen 07 Germany. German based peperonity, Starts its journey on the year 2001 mr. Maciej A, Mr.Kuszpa, Mr. Thomas Buehren, Mr. Kai Dornseiff are the founders. (, which is available in 10 languages German, English, French, italian Portuguese and Polish,etc. is the world's first and probably largest mobile site building community where you can publish your personal profile, information about your hobbies and interests, and which is absolutely fun to use! - Being a member of the peperonity world is absolutly free of charge, you will only pay the charges of your network.

U can create moblile games, mobile email softwares and meny more cool things, and
user may chat here free. In peperonity a user will find following search chatagories: travel& adventure, selfhelp&information, hobies&special interest, music&entertainment, flirt&dating,sport&fitness.

Men&women any life style, technie, cosmopolitan, gay&lesbian, sportmen, other so.

i hope last of all i can say that this very effective and largest community site for all where anyone can get all kind of mobile utilities facility, lets enjoy this site...

lets you creat a mobile blog with video sharing, friends list, downloads and chat.
I was impressed with how easily a peperonity site can be created. You build a site by adding pages from a catalog of pre-made templates including picture and multimedia galleries, chat rooms, a voting page, guestbook or downloads page.
If you are a new user you can check to know how to use and operate...(read more)

Here is a certain amount of customization available, including changing the colors of vairous elements of each page and site wide. The default Peperonity color scheme of yellow, red and black.
A mobile site gives you the opportunity to show to the outside world what you do, who you are, what your friends do and what your view on the world is. Plus, its great fun to own a personalized part of the mobile internet ! Today, more people own an internet- capeble mobile phone than own a fixed-line PC.

The site you creat will be instantly visible to users from all over the world-some of which do not even have a fixed- line PC. Your site will get a static address in the from of sitename !

Who can view my site? Users from all over the world can access and see your site. It dose not matter which end device (PC, PDA, MOBILE PHONE)
they are using.

The number of hits and visitors you will receive depends on the actuality and general interest the content you publish raises, make sure you provide a consistend experience with no broken or empty pages and your hits will grow very quickly. If you manage to get into the top listings.

What do i have to keep in mind when setting up my site? Please make sure that you respect the terms and conditions of use for peperonity which will be presented to you upon registration. Also, peperonity cannot accept any adult-oriented content in the top positions.

Setting up a site is easy as it can be because it takes only five steps and you are all set. However, only non-adult content of at least some public relevance can be found in the search and catalogue.

Free Games welcome to the Games section of peperonity! Browse and download all Games for FREE! Use the
home link at the bottom of the page to return to .....

In peperonity's homepage, you will find many direct accesses to download 3GP videos, pics, or a listing with the most voted peperonity sites and blog.

All peperonity services are for free.

ßest regards

Rakesh khudia


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