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Our closest living relative to humans | janet1310

Our closest living relative to humans
The great ape
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Chimps are closer to humans than any other ape. They share 99 percent of our DNA. Chimps exhibit many traits that are considered
Unique to humans they make and use tools to find food
Exhibit emotions like anger jealousy and happieness they comfort each other
With human like gestures including
Hugging and kissing
Chimps are susceptible to the same problems that are destroying animal populations throughout the world.
The bushmaet trade and the entertainment market are all major threats
Chimps considered endangered. Only about 150, 000 remain in the wild.
Chimps are not monkeys they are 1 of the 4 great apes.
Chimps are so like humans that they are susceptible to most known human
Diseases including HIv which is said to have originated from chimps
Baby chimps are frequently captured and sold as pets and for entertainment use these chimps grow up in isolation
Confined half starved and often physically abused
Chimps are very intelligent and imatate what we humans do.
Because chimps share nearly 99 percent of our DNA. We can have a blood transfusion from a chimp if its the same blood group .

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