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The strange things that scare (and dont) me | luvlifeandinbetween

The strange things that scare (and dont) me
The things that scare me most are . . .
Clowns - dont know why but they totally freak me out. I cant watch anything with them in it, the simpsons, it . You name it. Plus things like t circus are out.
2) Pink candy floss. Dont ask me why! In theory the stuff perfect i mean whats not to like?
Suger and my favorite colour. But see it and i get t same sensation some ppl get when they run thier nails down a black board.
3). Sea gulls.
Apart from thier red eyes that come straite from hell.
They are the soul reason why elephants dont fly. (Think about it - its to do wit A . N . A . L. Dis charge)
4) round a bouts.
There is more logic behind t reason for hating this one.
A x of mine wont stop pushing me on one of them and fell off and broke arm in two places. Never again.
5) Marmite.
Yeah i no most people love or hate it. Im of t later kind, but im also so scared of it that wont hold t jar and if my daughter poppy who loves it wants some i have to go over road and get some old dear to do it for me. Sad i know!

And the things that really should but dont scare me.
1) spiders/snakes.
Love the things. Used to have a spider as big as dinner plate. And have 2 snakes. One so big 2 of my male mates are needed to move it.
2) the dark.
Been called a vampire a number of times but i love the dark ( dont worry i also love garlic ) if could would sleep all day and come alive at night. Well in t winter months anyhow

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