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{~Months Question~} | mecannon

{~Months Question~}
Every month we have a different question 4 u and if u feel like answering it plz do so!! ;D
What animal do u think u resemble?
a jackass xD Mpampis
Im a anaconda. U do the maths.
People say i look like a rabbit and act like a monkey.
I resemble a human
Wild cat :) LiA
I resemble a fox coz im soo sneaky
Coala!! xD lol
The world is wierd becoz an 18 yo guy all the way frm new zealand is on this site and reading the awesome stuff that yous hav 2 write. Nw thats wat u call wierd and random
´Heaven´ from Bryan Adams. ´I promised myself´ from Nick Kamen. I like this songs cuz they got feeling! (Nemo)
´Niina in my heart´ coz she´s so cute lol [Dj Onze]
Push up from the Freestylers. Very nice beat n melody! (Nemo)
´Ej otkad sam se rodio´ and ´spavaj spavaj ti´ and ´burma´ stories of my life!There is a whole list,but this are best. Komunista
Hmm.. Fav song..? Its prob ´provider´ by N.E.R.D. cos it tells the story of my life.! {adam}
I would say an Eagle cause its da king of da birds. And can fly every high,good eyesite too lol :-D Bradboy
I would be a lil DOG!! xD papillon ;) -niiiiiina-
Clownfish (Nemo) Naah. I want to be a... cute little labrador puppy. (Nemo)
I would be a koala!! or do u spell it coala.... hm... anyways!!! i would wanna be it coz its so cute! xD -Anne
I would fly to Finland to hug my anne and nikitipita!Mwah!Tita
go to lithuania (MIKKO)
The answers to da previous question -------->>>>>
Finland cause anne a wonderful girls lives there !:-) 4rom Bradley ( Thokozani)
Greece coz we are the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS! :p socrates
Well it isn´t enland.. Cos its boring.. (adam)
Tibet, coz i love that place xP Tron
Hurghada, Egypt. Cuz it´s beautifull and hot. (nemo)
Kima my home.and gtg to hot sea..and u will to spend just $ x travel.
i think finland,cuz there beautifull and there my luv,i want meet her,mwah nina.*sPaWn*
Tahiti,spain,portugal,italy n ibiza coz of da gals. Mwah. Buff boy

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