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why, who and how? | menerfecious

why, who and how?
Welcome to my site. My name is menerfecious and i am a natural Warlock. I have been practising for many years and find that many do not truly believe.

Let it be known to all that magic should not be trifled with and should never be taken lightly. Magic is not about tricks and illusion; it's about making change in the cosmos by the forces of the unknown.

So, why am i constructing this site?
Simple really, i find myself in a situation where people ask me for spells and advice. So i decided to construct a site offering advice and information.

How am i able to do this?
Well i am about to start my third ascension and part of the testing of the process includes helping others. Having almost reached this time of my life, i am confident that my knowledge and wisdom in these matters is conversant enough to offer assistance to magi of all ages. I have had experiences with pagan magic, demonic magic, Necromancy, Geomancy, and many many other forms of magic. However, as a natural mage most of my craft is willpower alone and with effective results. I am also an experienced astral traveller.

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