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What is Alhijab!!? | muslim.girl

What is Alhijab!!?
*** ***

To those who unwisely,think that Alhijab is no more that a garment, I invite you to discover its very deep meaning.

**Alhijab is obedience**
Alhijab is obedience to Allah and His messenger Mohammad -peace be upon him-.
Allah says:" And say to the female believers to cast down thier beholdings and preserve their private parts, and not display thier adornments except such as outward, and let them fix closely thier veils over thier bosom..." Annour 31
Thus,concerning Alhijab, the female believer has no choice except to wear it.

**Alhijab is Belief**
When Allah speaks about Alhijab, He addresses His speech to the believers only. So He says:" And say to the female believers..."
He says also:" And the women of believers...".
Some women from the seeds of Tameem entered to A'isha, the mother of mumins -may Allah be pleased with her- wearing thin clothes. She said:" if you are believers then this not the garment of the believers, and if you are not believers then enjoy it".

**Alhijab is Piety**
Allah says;" O seeds of Adam we have readily sent down to you a garment to overlay your shameful parts, and a vesture, and a garment of piety that is the most charitable." Al'araf 26

**Alhijab is Chastity**
Allah has made wearing Alhijab, a tittle to chastity as He says:" O you prophet say to your spouses and you daughters and the women of believers that they draw thier outer garments closer to them, that will (make) it likelier that they will be recognized and so will not be hurt." Al'ahzab 51

**Alhijab is Purity**
Allah says:"And when you ask them for any article, then ask them from behind a curtain,that is purer for your hearts and their hearts." Al'ahzab 53
So, Allah has described Alhijab as a purity for the hearts of male and female believers because it stops the greed of those who have ill hearts.

**Alhijab is protection**
Let me inform you sister that wherever you go with your Hijan Allah keeps you safe from harm, but, whenever you take it off, remember that you are exposing yourself to danger. And the prophet -peace be upon him- said that whomever any woman takes off her Hijab in any place other then her husband house then Allah withdraws His protection from her. imagine the case with that woman who does not wear Alhijab at all!!!

** Alhijab is shyness**
The shy woman is preserved in her garment. The prophet -peace be upon him- said:" Each Religion has a manner, and the manner of Islam is Shyness.
He said also:" Shyness is from the Belief and the Belief is Adjanna(the Garden).

**Alhijab is jealousy**
Alhijab goes together with the jealousy which the strict man is innately born with. That man who it bothers him that the deceiver sights extand to his wife and his daughters.
Ali -may Allah be pleased with him- said:" There is no charity in those who do not feel jealous"

**Alhijab is Might**
The woman who wears Alhijab recognizes very well that her strength is in her personality, in her piety and her obedience to Allah. Whereas those women who do not wear Alhijab hide their weakness underneath the latest fashions and the nicest clothes.

**Alhijab is Dignity**
The woman with Alhijab is worthy of respect because she prevents herself from being a decorated statue for those who do not cast down their beholdings.

My last word is a question for you my dear sister.
Do you want to be the obedient to Allah, the believer, the pious, the chaste,the pure, the protected, the shy, the respected, the mighty...?!!!

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