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Lumding & Assam
Political figures of our state of Assam are no different from the rest of the country. Rampant corruption and embezzlement of government funds are leading us towards nowhere but hell. The conditions of public properties are being worsened day after day, but there is not even a single initiative to restore the public properties and more importantly public infrastructures to make sure smooth lives for the people affected by.

For a good town, market plays a vital role. People of the town are fully dependent on the market to procure their necessary goods and articles they need to maintain their daily lives. Market of a town is the heart of the economy of that town. To outsiders the condition of market acts as a status symbol. Often people judge a place by the standard of the market of that place. Hence, a market is an important parameters of social and over all development.
The issue is the present condition of the market in the sub-urban railway township of Lumding.

Usually Lumding can be divided into three zones,
(i) the railway township area
(ii) area under Lumding Municipality
(iii) slum areas adjoining Lumding, like Khangar Basti, Jarang Disha, Hatikhali Colony, Nepali Basti etc.

Nearly 1.5 lakh is the total population who are dependent upon Lumding Market for their necessary things. But, the place which is the heart of the economy suffers from multiple mutilations, encroachments and covered with filthy dirt. The terrible conditions of the roads inside the market would tell the whole story. During rainy season the whole market becomes a sort of hell.

Lumding main market was developed gradually from few shops on the both sides of the Kalibari road from the railway crossing upto the mistry patty morh, to the present form of the market.

Railway Lines divide Lumding into two part. One is Bazar area, kalibari and North Lumding which are on the North side of the Railway Lines. The other side is South Lumding. The third part of the Lumding zone is the Nadir Paar area. On the North side, main market is situated where as on the South side Crossing Gate market serves the purpose.

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Lumding Main Market:

The main market of Lumding starts from the foots of Railway Crossing (where a Brahma Mandir is situated near jyoti cinema complex) upto the Durgapith of Jana kalyan Sangha, which can be segmented into three parts. One from the Brahma Mandir to Pan Bazar choupathi (Pan Bazar Square), then from Pan Bazar Complex to Mistry Patti Morh (near National Infotech) and the last segment is from mistry patty morh to Kalibari. Shops are on both sides of the road and mainly a hodge podge mixture of shops selling almost all kinds of goods and services.

There is another road parallel to the Kalibari Road named Netaji Road. The market here is known as Chawl Bazar (Rice Market), which is mainly for groceries and provision stores.

Prominent shops in the first segment are Biltu Garments, Moustache Showroom, Adhunika, Bata showroom, A to Z computer solution, Paras store and Swagat Hotel (for Lodging only), Amiya Bhandar etc. If you are searching for footwears, then this segment is best suited for you, as numerous small shops selling low cost footwears here in this segment. Other than this, Samay Watch, Wine Shops are there in this segment.

In the second segment there are mainly cloth stores. From the number of cloth stores in Lumding, one can conclude that people of Lumding loves to wear fashionable dressses. This road was once named as Radha Cinema Road, as the Radha Cinema was there. Now a shopping complex is being constructed at that place. Ratan Stores, New fancy Stores, Sarada Stores, Sarada Library, Dresses House, Dhar Jewellery, Radha Gobind Jewellery, Abhorani Jewellery, Saha Medicals, National Library, National Infotech, Manu Opticals, Popular Caterers and couples of Pharmacy Shops are there.

As the population of Lumding increases over the time, Lumding Market has also been expanded

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