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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part2 | playstation.cheats

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part2
harry potter and the deathly hallows part - Newest pictures
All Collectibles:
The following is a list of all music tracks,
challenges, and character profiles unlocked by
each collectible, and their numbers correspond to
those in the "Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows: Part 2 Wiki Guide":
Music - Wandering Part 1: Sorrow
Challenge - Challenge 1: Gringotts
Character - Ron Weasley
Character - Scabior
The Streets of Hogsmeade
Character - Death Eater
Music - Wandering Part 2: Determination
Challenge - Challenge 2: The Streets of
Character - Professor Snape
A Problem of Security
Music - Wandering Part 3: Mystery
Character - Amycus Carrow
Character - Alecto Carrow
Challenge - Challenge 3: A Problem of Security
The Basilisk Fang
Character - Aberforth Dumbledore
Music - Wandering Part 4: Serenity
Character - Professor McGonagall
Challenge - Challenge 4: The Basilisk Fang
A Job to Do
Music - Wandering Part 5: Dark Magic
Character - Seamus Finnigan
Characrer - Neville Longbottom
Music - Wandering Part 6: Tension
Challenge - Challenge 5: A Job to Do
The Lost Diadem
Music - Wandering Part 7: Surrender
Character - Gregory Goyle
Character - Draco Malfoy
Challenge - Challenge 6: A Giant Problem
Challenge - Challenge 7: The Lost Diadem
Character - Blaise Zabini
The Battle of Hogwarts
Character - Fenrir Greyback
Music - Combat Part 1: Courage
Character - Bellatrix Lestrange
Music - Combat Part 2: Fear at Hogwarts
Character - Hermione Granger
Challenge - Challenge 8: The Battle of Hogwarts
A Turn of Events
Music - Combat Part 3: Battle to the Vault
Challenge - Challenge 9: Surrender
Challenge - Challenge 10: A Turn of Events
Character - Harry Potter
Not My Daughter
Challenge - Challenge 11: Not My Daughter
Character - Molly Weasley
Character - Ginny Weasley
Music - Combat Part 4: Securing the Bridge
Voldemort's Last Stand
Challenge - Challenge 12: Voldemort's Last Stand
Character - Lord Voldemort
Music - Combat Part 5: The Final Duel
Bronze trophies
Covert Confidence - Defeat 100 enemy wizards
from cover.
Blind Luck - Defeat 10 enemy wizards from cover,
without aiming.
Wizard-in-Training - Complete the game on
Mastering Magic - Complete the game on
Protego! - Successfully use Protego against 100
Expelliarmus! - Successfully dispel 100 enemy
Protego shields using Expelliarmus.
Petrificus Totalus! - Successfully Body-Bind 100
enemy wizards with Petrificus Totalus.
Expulso! - Successfully defeat 100 enemy wizards
with Expulso.
Confringo! - Successfully defeat 100 enemy
wizards with Confringo.
Now You See Me - Apparate over 100 metres.
Strategic Spell-casting - Defeat 50 enemy wizards
using more than one spell.
That Showed Them ... - Defeat 4 enemy wizards
with a Confringo cast.
Stopped in Their Tracks - Defeat 5 enemy wizards
with one Impedimenta cast.
A Good Start - Defeat 100 enemy wizards in the
Main Story and/or Challenges.
Full of Character - Find all characters.
Listen Up - Find all Music Tracks.
Not a Scratch - Complete any level without being
Having a Blast - Trigger 5 explosive reactions.
Care of the Castle - Escape Voldemort with
minimal damage to Hogwarts.
First Rung - Complete your first challenge.
Casting from Cover - Defeat an enemy wizard
from cover for the first time.
Don't Bank on it! - Complete 'Gringotts' on any
Streets of Hogsmeade - Complete 'The Streets of
Hogsmeade' on any difficulty.
Snape Sacked - Complete 'A Problem of Security'
on any difficulty.
Pulling Teeth - Complete 'The Basilisk Fang' on
any difficulty.
Burning Bridges - Complete 'A Job to Do' on any
The Bigger They Are ... - Complete 'A Giant
Problem' on any difficulty.
Lost and Found - Complete 'The Lost Diadem' on
any difficulty.
Hogwarts Burning - Complete 'The Battle of
Hogwarts' on any difficulty.
Familiar Faces - Complete 'Surrender' on any
Change of Plans - Complete 'A Turn of Events' on
any difficulty.
Motherly Love - Complete 'Not My Daughter' on
any difficulty.
It's All Come Down to This ... - Complete
'Voldemort's Last Stand' on any difficulty.
Magical McGonagall - Play as McGonagall.
Defiant Daughter - Play as Ginny.
The Brightest Witch - Play as Hermione.
Best Friend - Play as Ron.
Stay Away from Her - Play as Molly.
Boom! - Play as Seamus.
Got It Covered! - Play as Neville.
Silver trophies
Accomplished Wizard - Complete the game on
The Best Defence ... - Use Protego to defeat 20
enemy wizards at close range.
Back to You ... - Defeat 10 enemy wizards with
Protego deflections.
A Good Offence - Defeat 10 enemy wizards before
they cast a spell.
Getting There ... - Defeat 500 enemy wizards in
the Main Story and/or Challenges.
Complete Collection - Collect 100% of all items.
Gold trophies
Hogwarts Defender - Defeat 1000 enemy wizards
in the Main Story and/or Challenges.
Up to the Challenge - Complete all challenges.
Shining Example - Complete all challenges at Gold
Platinum trophy
Future Auror - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold

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