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¤Answered Prayers & Testimonies¤ | riversoflife

¤Answered Prayers & Testimonies¤
thank you - Animated Newest pictures

Ipahayag ninyo ang kanyang kaluwalhatian sa mga bansa ang mga kagilagilalas niyang mga gawa sa lahat ng mga bayan.


Lie not one to another,seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds.
= * = * = * = * =

O give thanks unto the LORD; for HE is good:for HIS mercy for ever.

O give thanks unto the GOD of gods for HIS mercy endureth forever.

OH MANGAGPASALAMAT KAYO SA PANGINOON NG MGA panginoon:sapagkat ang KANIYANG kagandahang-loob ay magpakailan man.
AWIT 136:1-3
= * = * = * = * =
* * *
Jesus (the Anointed One)and the Shepherd of our souls wants 2 have room in our lives.The Anointing made Jesus thb Christ and it is the Christ that is Lord(Matthew 23:11)When make room 4 Jesus 2 be LORD and take control,you will prosper as we will see.Welcome 2 visit my site 2.Christian site, God bless :-)
21.08.2008 04:20 EDT, Maranata
Salamat s DIYOS at nakausap ko n ang aking employer at nkpagpaalam nrin ako and he understand me. I know GOD touch his heart to understand me. I cant thank you enough my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST AMEN
28.02.2007 10:12 EST, sallypie
Praise the LORD! Finally! After a long stressful months, ntpos din. Yesterday, I did pass my interview. Ol i can say is GOD is GOOD and GREAT! I know he is w/me dat time. Thank u LORD Jesus Christ amen..
13.02.2007 07:49 EST, sallypie
Salamat s PANGINOON DIOS at niloob niyang mavisahan n ako.At s pnahon n ala p ako visa akoy kanyang iningatan.Ang papuri pagsamba at pasasalamat tanging sa iyo lamang LORD GOD n JESUS MIGHTY NAME.Thanks LORD!
24.01.2007 10:30 EST, lynme
Praise 2d living GOD d great supplier!At last my neice s already regular employer.Thank u FATHER GOD n JESUS NAME
18.01.2007 13:46 EST, lynme
More power and godbless,,...
12.11.2006 17:42 EST, astrilxy
Thanks lord 4 guiding me olways,,,. But now pls help me god coz ryt now i hve a big prob bout mi famly. Whew, ive bin feel now in a sort of dpression coz mi cousin called me 2day & she told me dat mi father r stil in sicknes. Also thnk god 4 hving & gving me a nice cousin,, she realy angel!
12.11.2006 17:39 EST, astrilxy
More power and godbless,,...
12.11.2006 17:25 EST, astrilxy
PRAISE THE LORD! finally nkpag p b2 nrin ang pinsan ko n wlang hnanap n release pper! Sna Po, dis time mkhanap n cya ng mgandang trabho. Thank You LORD JESUS CHRIST.
19.10.2006 08:44 EDT, sallypie
Praisd the LORD. The moment that i send my prayer request instantly i feel that my headache is gone and i feel peace of mind and i sleep good last night. I know that GOD aswered it. Thank You LORD, THANK YOU.
30.09.2006 07:58 EDT, sallypie
Akoy nagpapasalamat s ating PANGINOON dhil s pagdnig s aking pnalangin n mkapag celebrate p ako ng pasko at bagong taon dito s Holy Land ksama ang aking mga pinsan, kaibgan at kflatmate. Thank You LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen
29.09.2006 10:18 EDT, sallypie
dis wek mrming bgy ang gumugulo s isip ko.mga ktnungan kung bkt gnito o ganyan ANG NGYYARI.knna tnwgn ak ng isng kptiran kumusthn til we talked bout d thngs n ngyyri S PALGID n naaapekthn ako.PRAISE GOD SIYA ANG GNMIT NG PANGINOÖN PARA MASAGOT UNG MGA TANONG KO KUNG BKT GNON ANG NGYYRI.PAPURI S DIYOS S NGALAN N JESUS AT NLWNGAN AKO.
15.09.2006 15:09 EDT, marietalene
Nagppsalamat ako s DIYOS kc knna naginvite ung 2 ank ng mtnda ko pra magshabat s knila Pero 2mangi ung mtnda.Kaya thanks 2GOD kc i realy dont lyk n magshabat s mga ank nya.
08.09.2006 15:54 EDT, marietalene
I wana gve tenx 2our LORD JESUS 4 gvng a job 2my neice.Aftr 1and a half mons of traine w/o salary she got d job.and she started w/a gud salary.praise d LORD!
08.09.2006 15:45 EDT, marietalene

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