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Banglalink Music Station | solution.blinfo

Banglalink Music Station
banglalink.arnab - Newest pictures
Ever wished you could decide the songs playing on Radio? Irritated with commercial breaks? Having trouble accessing FM Radio Channels from your Area? Your mobile phone is not compatible to listen to the Radio? Now, all you need to do is simply tune-in to "Banglalink Music Station" & enjoy the Non-stop music all day long! Banglalink Music Station 5858 which lets you listen to music of your choise anytime, anywhere from a list of over 10,000 full songs from more then 22 different category of Music Channels - Bangla Classical music to top & Rock. Bollywood hits & Popular English tracks. One can also creatd their own playlist of favourite songs & listen to them anytime they wish!

FAQ: How to Active Banglalink Music Station?

Ans: (*)Registration by IVR; just dial 5858 from your Banglalink mobile phone & follow the simply instructions. Once you subscribe to Music Station, you will recerive a SMS informing you about how to use the service.

(*) Registration by SMS; you can also subscribe to Banglalink Music Station through SMS. Just type 'SUB' & send SMS to 5858 to subscribe now.

(*) To Unsubscribe; just type 'UNSUB' & send SMS to 5858. Once you subscribe to music station, you will receive a SMS informing about how to use Service.

FAQ: How to make own playlist?

Ans: you can also create your own playlist of favourite songs with "My Album" by pressing * key while listening to the song & access those songs later from "My Album" by pressing 9.

A wide range of Channels & languages to Choose from ::

¤ You can choose from more then 22 different channels. And enjoy songs in 3 major languages - Bangla, English & Hindi.

¤ Set your preferred language by dialing 5858 & change it by entering channel number 8.

¤ To jump to any channel directly, dial 5858 followed by the channel number.

List of Banglalink Music Station Channel names & numbers are given below:

Channel Name -> Channel Number

Channel 1: Bengali Popular
Channel 2: Bollywood Latest
Channel 3: English Hot Hits
Channel 4: Bengali Evergreen
Channel 5: Bollywood Evergreen
Channel 6: English Evergreen
Channel 7: Reserved Channel
Channel 8: Settings (Language Selections)
Channel 9: My Album/Playlist
Channel 10: Help Channel
Channel 11: Bengali Romantic
Channel 12: Bollywood Romantic
Channel 13: Bollywood Movie Hits
Channel 14: Bollywood Popular
Channel 15: Bengal Light Music
Channel 16: Bengali Hot Hits
Channel 17: Bollywood Hot Hits
Channel 18: Indipop
Channel 19: Bengali Sentimental
Channel 20: Bollywood Sentimental
Channel 21: Bengali Dance
Channel 22: Bollywood Dance
Channel 23: Bengali Folk
Channel 24: Bengali Devotional
Channel 25: Bollywood Devotional

It's Easy to USE ::

¤ After subscribing to the service, just dial 5858 & enter the Channel number

¤ You can also keep pressing 0 to Change Channels.

¤ To change songs with a particular channel, press the # key.

¤ At any point when you are listening Banglalink Music Station, if you want to know anything about the features, instructions or any other information, go to the HELP Channel on number 10.

¤ If you want to change your language setting on banglalink music station, go to the Channel number 8.

¤ If you like a song on banglalink music station, just press the * key before the next song starts playing & repet the song or add it to your Album list.

¤ Once you add a song to your Album list, you can go back to the next song of the last channel you werer listening to.

¤ You can add unlimited songs to your Album list & listen to it anytime you want on channel number 9 after dialing 5858. You can delete & add as many songs as you like to keep your Album refreshed.

Regular Charges ::

Monthly Subscription Fee @ TK. 25 (excluding VAT)
Browsing/Listening Charge @ TK. 0.25/min (excluding VAT)
SMS Charge @ TK. 2 (excluding VAT)

Monthly Subscription Charge will be apply 15days by days as a Charge of TK. 14.38 (with VAT)

VAT & Conditions Apply!
For further queries about Banglalink Music Station; please feel free to contact customer care @ 121 Or, 01911304121

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