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©|| Know About PePeRoNiTy ||© |

©|| Know About PePeRoNiTy ||©
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- What is all about? is the world's first and probably largest mobile site building community where you can publish your personal profile, information about your hobbies and interests, where you will meet people from all over the world and which is absolutely fun to use!

- How much does it cost to be a peperonity member?

Being a member of the peperonity world is absolutely free of charge. You will only pay the charges of your network operator (carrier). Make sure you have a data plan / rate plan that gives you the freedom to browse as much content as you like for a fixed amount to avoid disappointments over bills.

- Can I host video or audio files?

Of course! Simply upload your self-made videos, mp3 files etc. through the web upload form. MMS and E-Mail upload and find your content in the respective top listings!

- Why would I want to have a mobile site?

A mobile site gives you the opportunity to show to the outside world what you do, who you are, what your friends do and what your view on the world is. Plus, it's great fun to own a personalized part of the mobile internet! Today, more people own an internet-capable mobile phone than own a fixed- line PC. The site you create will be instantly visible to users from all over the world - some of which do not even have a fixed-line PC. Your site will get a static address in the form of !

- Who can view my site?

Users from all over the world can access and see your site. It does not matter which end device (PC, PDA, mobile phone etc.) they are using. But 95% of our users are purely mobile.

- Can I create and maintain my site using a PC?

Yes you can, but it's more fun on the mobile phone.

- Why would I use a mobile phone if I can use this or similar services on a PC as well?

The answer is, why would I wait until I am at home, turn on the PC, wait until it's up, open the internet, pay for the online costs when I can do all this on my mobile phone on the way?

- How many hits and visitors can I expect when doing all the work in setting up my site?

The number of hits and visitors you will receive depends on the actuality and general interest the content you publish raises. Make sure you provide a consistent experience with no broken or empty pages and your hits will grow very quickly. If you manage to get into the top listings, well, the sky is the limit...

- What do I have to keep in mind when setting up my site?

Please make sure that you respect the terms and conditions of use for peperonity which will be presented to you upon registration. Also, we cannot accept any adult- oriented content in the top positions and we do not allow copyright infringement, i.e. you must make sure that you own the necessary rights of all content you want to publish.

- How big must my site be in order to be listed in peperonity?

Some users spend tremendous time creating and updating their site but you do not have to be a heavy user to promote your content to the world. Setting up a site is as easy as it can be because it takes only five steps and you are all set. However, only non-adult content of at least some public relevance can be found in the search and catalogue. You wouldn't want to browse a catalogue of empty sites would you?

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