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My mates on wap | the.home.of.capn.wakka

My mates on wap
1st ov all i gota put ma sexy gf lesha aka Lilmznaughty, hu i love more than life. Shez alwayz bin there 4 me n i ent gona leave her, lesha i love u babez. Oh yea i love her accent. N she soundz VERY SEXY on da fone. *Im so lucky.*
Next iz 2 ppl coz i cudnt decide hu t put first between thm. Its Gary aka Sabin, and Rich aka Tidus. Or Rich aka Tidus, and Gary aka Sabin. Iv known em both since i came on2 ffchat n they av both helpd me out n av bin there 4 me. They both love FINAL FANTASY n we help each otha wen needed. If u got problemz wid FF7 Rich is ur man, FF9 u need Gaz, FF8 or 10 im da one t talk 2.
Then there iz Jacky aka Sxi_Jacky. She iz very cool n 1 ov ma best m8s. I love her accent n she sounds fit on da fone 2. I apparently crack her up, bt i dnt even mean t do it. Iv known her quite a while n since i bin wid lesha (Jackiez best m8) wev got on realy well.
Hu next. Errrrr? Oh yea. Rhys. Hez kewl. Iv known him near enuff azlong az Rich n Gaz. Hez a gr8 person 2 kno n b m8s wid.
Hmmmmm. Nxt we have alot ov ppl. All ov em r gr8. So here we go. Kimmy, Al, Shane, Kyle, Skye, Jenz, Iain, Shane, Shazza n othaz. Btw if ur ma m8, n u ent up on ere jst tell me n u shall b announced ya.
Thn therez JJ, hez kewl. Carl aka B BWOI, he makes me laugh like fuck and iz a propa cool person n a gr8 m8. David aka Redman, hez kewl 2.
Now we come 2 ma sistaz. SarahJane bt i call her SJ and Niky. SJs yunga than me n sinc i bin her big bro we av bin there 4 each otha n she makes me laff a lot. Niky, shes ma big sis and we luk out 4 each otha. She iz a very safe person, well they both r. They r both realy kewl ppl and we get along realy well. SJ, Niky, jst kno dat im ere 4 u both ya.

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