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My Thoughts on Wrestlemania 27 | wwe.hd

My Thoughts on Wrestlemania 27
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Is it just me, or was that one of the worst Wrestlemanias in recent memory? It had a grand total of 1 awesome match, and the rest was either filler, or utterly mediocre.
What I loved : HHH and Undertaker had an amazing match. It was done perfectly. It keeps the streak alive, gave a ton of great moments, and starts the story for next year's Taker match. On par with the HBK and Taker matches, though completely different.
My disappointments : Sheamus vs Bryan removed from the card. I was really looking forward to this match, and out of everything to bump from the card, this is what they picked?
Edge and Del Rio was a good enough match, but it had such a Smackdown main event feel. Opening with it was a strange choice, and nothing about it really did anything for either man.
The realization that WWE has 6 titles. Only 2 of the 6 were defended at mania, with no title changes. On top of that, 2 of their champions weren't even on the card.
The 8 man tag match did nothing. Swapping out Kozlov did nothing other than give Kofi a 2 minute appearance. It killed the Corre's momentum and didn't elevate anyone.
Filler. So... much... filler. They could have easily fit the Sheamus vs Bryan match in if they had just reduced the useless filler segments.
A screwjob finish in the main event, where a retired wrestler essentially goes over both the champion and the number one contender. I expected it, but was still disappointed that WWE Went down this road. It feels cheap.
The Miz barely gets any rub out of it (even if I don't like him, it would make sense to elevate him some if you're giving him the win) and it felt flat.
All in all, it just seemed that the bad greatly outweighed the good. A 4 hour show felt like it had less than 3 hours worth of content. The HHH/Undertaker match was match of the year worthy, but everything else just didn't deliver....

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