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Love notes ("",) | x10n

Love notes ("",)
Love is a happy feeling inside your heart till the rest of your life..
Der r little things we tend 2 4get,such as little thank you,take care & miz u, but der is 1thing i wnt 4get dat is 2 thank god 4 letting me know you.....u......:o)
Loving sum1 is d gr8st feeling.But i just realized dat loving a frend s even better,we lose ppol we love.But we never lose true frend.
I made a list of special people & i wrote them in a pencil. I included ur name. But i use a permanent marker coz i wanted u 2 kip in my list 4evah (SISTAH)
You dont need to hear my voice to know that I care, and you dont have to feel my touch to know that Im there.. You just have to know that somewhere.. somehow.. Im always there.. (dave)
When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers and always remember that in those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever!. (dave)
Days may pass and you may not hear from me, but always remember that on a clear day or cloudy nigh, I always wish for you to be safe and happy.. (dave)
If someone asked me if your good, I´ll say your not.. If they say your better, I´ll say your not.. Why should I say your good or better? If I can tell them your the best I ever have!. (dave)
If I could wish and make it true, thats to share a life with you. If I could speek to let you know. Thats to say I love you so. If I could hold and let it still, that´s to embrace your love for real.. (dave)
never throw away a chance to say ´I love you´ to a person you really love, for it´s not everyday you meet a person who has the magic to let you fall inlove,, (dave)
Everytime I say ´hello´, its not just greeting you but theres a silent message saying ´I miss you´, it does not mean I need your reply but its a sign of remembering you.. (dave)
If you need a hand and thers a hundred steps between us,, you can take the first step to get near me and I´ll take all the 99 steps to be there for You.. (dave)
May every hour of the day bring something special.. A thought that makes you smile, a smile thats warm your heart and a heart that holds laugh happiness inside.. (dave)
There are people in my life whom I consider as Gods gift. Because they always inspire my day thru words of encouragement. You came as one of them.. (dave)
Prayer is the right key to open the day and lock the night. It also leads us the way to Gods heart! (dave)
People meet for a special reason, we meet because there is a purpose behind it. We may lose touch and never their again. But I´ll be happy knowing that onces in my life, I met someone like You! (dave)
When your sad Im lonely, when your happy Im glad, remember that, when you feel down, I feel down too! That was a friend feels, and it proves that im a true friend.. (dave)
Love doesnt ask ´why´ for its a reason itself. Love doesnt ask ´what if´ for it willing to risk, and Love doesnt ask ´until when?´ for it knows forever.. (dave)
Whenever you say hi, I know you remember me, whenever you say takecare, I know you care for me, and whenever you say godbless, I suddenlly realized that Im already bless coz I have you.. (dave)
Remove worries from your heart, remove hatred from your hear, live simply give more, expect less, have a deep relationship with God.. (dave)
The greatest challenge in your life is to find someone who knows your faults and weaknesses, but still willing to embrace you with so much love without doubt.. (dave)
Heiress, I will never exchange you for anybody because thers only one you in this world. Seasons may change but our friendship will remain forever.. (dave)
I hold a person in the deepest part of my heart, because a real person like you, comes once in a lifetime. Thats why, I keep you so deep that I wont lost you.. (dave)
To heiress: When rivers begin to dry, when flowers begin to faide, I still be here. I stay with you. Coz im your friend till the end.. (dave)
To say I love you is a major decission in once life. Those word should be keft in our heart, until your ready to commit, to fight for tha feelings and to stand by those word forever.. (dave)
To say I love you is a major decission in once life. Those word should be keft in our heart, until your ready to commit, to fight for tha feelings and to stand by those word forever..

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